Welcome to the most popular Call of Duty 2 server on version 1.0!

On our server we have only the most necessary things:

Free to Play

No CD-KEY required, no silly accounts, logins and all that bullcrap. Just join and you're on!


In traditions of many big Call of Duty 2 servers, we also have sprint and all weapons mods.

Map voting

At the end of the game you will choose next map. All game types and maps are selected for current people count, so you will not play on too big map with a small number of players!

A lot of game types!

In addition to stock game types (Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag) we also have some new (but very interesting!) game types:

New maps

Besides new game types, we also have a lot of new (but again, very interesting!) maps. At this moment, more than 40! You can download all maps and mods from our site.

Make yourself at home

Our server is currently fully translated into 7 languages: English, Russian, Polish, Spanish, German, Hungarian and Turkish!


In addition, we also have killstreaks on server, so sometimes you will get interesting bonus for kills!

Tired of the same?

If you're tired of stock weapon - you can choose random! We have 3 buttons for it: take random weapon once, take random weapon on every spawn, and the most interesting - take weapon of your killer!

Join us!

Just find CrackedVodka in server list to connect us! Or you can open console with key ~ and type


See you on CrackedVodka! :)