Cr3ck3d juMp

This is a simple server to practice your skills in jumping. In fashion there is absolutely nothing superfluous, only grenades if you're a beginner or you have a weak FPS.

Cr3ck3d juMp is the only jump server in CoD2 1.0. There is Nurse sitting 24/7 on the server. Ask she if you want to choose map. This is done by typing in chat !votemap map.

All maps you can quickly download at or the game can test your nerves, just wait until the map of 20MB gets loaded :)

The server is a continuation of our trilogy: CrackedVodka, DeathRun, Cr3ck3d juMp.

Server DeathRun and Cr3ck3d juMp connected among themselves with the General chat - all you say in DeathRun seen on Cr3ck3d juMp, and vice versa, which eases communication.

To connect us open console with key ~ and type: