Welcome to the most modern old school deathrun server and the greatest community in CoD2. Welcome to DeathRun!

DeathRun is a custom game mode which strongly involves precise movement, fast thinking, excellent perception, and map knowledge.

The objective in this game mode is to survive traps and obstacles triggered by the opposite team and get to the end of the course.

Free to Play

No CD-KEY required, no silly accounts, logins and all that bullcrap. Just join and you're on!

International Love

Our server is currently fully translated into 5 languages which are English, Russian, Polish, Spanish and German!

We don't need your money

We are NOT selling anything on a server. All current admins are earned their status with thier blood, sweat and tears.

Size doesn't matter

Our mod is just less then a megabyte of download but it has a lot of great stuff including custom design, new weapons, abilites and much more!

Many Maps

Currently we have over 30 different maps on a server created by our community! We also remastered some old deathrun maps for the best experience!

No silly rules

As long as you don't hack, you're fine. There are no other specific rules except for blocking. For other pranks you will most likely be raped by an admins, trolled, or fallen to a power of democracy (!votekicked).

To connect us open console with key ~ and type